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The copywriter in me wanted to give you a long welcome note, but I decided to settle with a HELLO.

I am Akaash Ampili and welcome to my digital space. I am an avid advertiser with a penchant for humour. When it comes to ideas, I am your go-to guy!

Get an idea of my journey in the advertising world, while also scoring my work to see if we are the perfect fit. I know we will be, and I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Let me introduce myself!

Watch my video to know how we can do great things together.

Advertising ideas with a twist.

Having global experience with many reputed companies, I consider myself qualified to take on any project that comes my way. Additionally, I have a background in multiple creative industries such as copywriting, voice-over artistry, music production and more. I also harbour a keen interest in acting and direction.

I am always enthusiastic when it comes to working in the field of advertising. My exposure to many creative industries allows me to cover all my bases when it comes to creating advertisements.

Client List

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty-cool brands.

Let me know which is your favorite brand from my list.

About me

Creative Advertiser

When it comes to advertising, my style of work is extremely insight driven. I believe that advertising is more than a transaction, it is an experience. All of the work I do is topped off with a pinch of humour which is much needed in a normally serious environment. Along the way I have learnt how to understand human emotions which is essentially the master key to marketing.

I have also picked up on the importance of incorporating new trends while finding a balance with classic advertising basics. My aim is to make brands stand out in this marketing saturated world.

What I can offer

Your wish is my command.

I do dabble in a lot and creativity is at the soul of it.

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"Akaash is one of the most talented, humble and hardworking people I have partnered with. His work ethic and the incisiveness that he brings to his work is a huge asset for our agency. His work on Google and Voot has not only been clutter breaking but has also lead to a huge lift in effectiveness scores as well. His biggest asset however is his never say die spirit and the way he partners with both clients and colleagues.”
Prashanth Challapalli,

Ex-COO at Leo Burnett Orchard

"Akaash has a big head on his shoulders but that does not restrict him from being crazy when it comes to ideas and brainstorming sessions. I have closely worked with him on Dream11 (fantasy cricket sports mobile platform) where we had to release 4-5 videos on every day during IPL’18. Akaash with his quick thinking and exceptional executional capabilities, ensured that we deliver great quality stuff on time. What I really like about him that he always bring something unique on the table, something that you can’t just discard and an idea worth a good discussion around the table. He is already showing some leadership qualities and I am sure he is on one hell of ride ahead."
Manav Ahuja

Ex-VP & Branch Head at Leo Burnett Orchard

“Very few young creative folks bring in the kind of enthusiasm Akaash does. He has a penchant for non-traditional thinking and he is definitely one of our top young creative talent at Leo Burnett Orchard. As an ACD at only 26, Akaash has shown great skills in cracking the big idea and handling client meetings. His love for theatre is often reflected in his confident presentations. Increasingly he is building a reputation as a true-blood integrated creative. Akaash dominated the daily work-play on Dream11, cracked interesting ideas for NBA, ISL, IPL and many other partnerships for Dream11. His work on Google G-Station and Voot Originals has got him some good eyeballs. He is a pitch fighter, and we love the passion he brings to the pitch team. He’s in it to win it. The ever-present and always-on Akaash is one of the examples for the younger generation, his responsible yet unhinged approached towards creativity is definitely something we respect and admire.”
Amod Dani

Ex-ECD at Leo Burnett Orchard